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GalaxyCon 2023 Wrap Up

So it’s 4 days later and I’m still in general recovery mode. What a great weekend, nonetheless! Managed to distribute a good number of the SouthTown Ashcan Preview issue and put a little money toward the official issue #1 fundraiser (Kickstarter launching later this week!)

While I didn’t have the time away from my table to wait on line to meet the big names in TV and film (I did see the likes of David Tennant, John Barrowman, Corey Feldman and Kerri Green from a short distance, and told Boy Meets World’s Rider Strong that he was great in Cabin Fever 😂) the biggest thing for me was being able to meet some of the professional, career comic artists and creators that drew me to this style of drawing in the first place.

John Romita Jr. first popped up on my radar in about 1992. I remember picking up the first issue of Punisher: War Zone and then seeing his style appear in a short run on Uncanny X-Men (during the Fatal Attractions storyline featuring the return of Magneto.) Most notably for me was his Eternals mini-series which he did with Neil Gaiman in 2006 (which the movie sadly sidelined for story ideas and went with… whatever it was they decided…)

Also had a chance to chat with Georges Jeanty whose work on the sequel “seasons” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was most impressed with his ability to complete nearly 1500 pages of story while maintaining the uncanny likeness of the tv series actors. He is currently providing the artwork for Marvel’s Star Wars Mandalorian comic book series.

Finally, a bit more on the indie circuit was Jason Shawn Alexander. He’d done a series back in the late 90’s and early 00’s called Empty Zone and was one of my favorite cyber-punk series at the time. While I’d forgotten to bring along my issues for him to sign, we had a great little chat about his evolution as an artist, the “good ol’ days” with the indie comic labels and out mutual dealings with celebrity name sharing 😂 Also dropped a SouthTown ashcan into his hands. Hope he enjoyed it!

Also met a handful of indie comic creators (Anthony Stokes, Pat Shand, and Charlie McElvy) at a late night panel about self publication, looking forward to staying in touch with those dudes and catching up again at the next con 🤙

*Now, your obligatory photo dump*

We’ll see ya all again next year! Likely with at least one full issue of SouthTown in tow!

Holiday Commissions Wrap-Up – 2019

Every holiday season I usually get at least one person who asks me for custom art. This year, after the success of my Inktober projects, I decided to actively pursue some commission work and advertised across my social media. Here are the pieces I was able to complete during the last month!

I call this one “Damn, We’re in a Tight Spot!” after the now-iconic line from the Coen Brothers film O, Brother Where Art Thou? on which this particular painting is based! The surrounding characters were more or less based off actual stills from the movie, but Everett and Delmar were sort of studied and the likeness of George Clooney and Tim Blake Nelson was obsessed over for the remainder of the project.

I did a yellow ochre wash to give it that sepia, old timey film look. 11×14 ink and watercolor.

This one was commissioned for the chef at the restaurant where I spend most of my work week. I feel like it’s pretty self explanatory. 6×9 pencil sketch.

Pets have been one of my go-to commission works since, well… people LOVE their pets (and well they should.)

My friends own two of the cutest pups and this piece was a lot of fun to come up with. I also snuck in a little cameo appearance by Fone Bone (from Jeff Smith’s fantasy comic odyssey Bone.)

Here’s where my nerd card comes in handy. The concept on this one was a little out there unless you know the strange habits of these two cats.

First off, Star Wars theme, done! Second, the cats have a weird fixation on the dishwasher and will sit on the door when it’s open. One thing led to another and now the dishwasher is C3P0 and R2D2’s escape pod crash landed on Tattooine from Episode 4: A New Hope.