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Fan Art Friday 12/30/22

Week 2! So far so good. I’d like to think I have a decent enough back catalog to keep this up for at least a good while. In either case, thanks for sticking with it (or checking it out if this is a first time for you.)

I was recently turned on to the new(ish) Harley Quinn show on HBO and have loved every second of it thus far. The sly satire on the nature of Batman’s rogues gallery is nothing short of brilliant (ClayFace, specifically) while maintaining Harley’s penchant for villainy, and positing her as a sympathetic survivor of abuse. The long and short, Harley is nuts, and we love her for it.

Anxiety v. Inking

Brick by stupid brick
Brick by stupid brick…

Committing a design to permanent ink is one of the most stressful steps of my creative process (aside from maybe paint mixing.)

Perhaps therein lies the benefit of the digital age, the hard-lined phase of an illustration doesn’t come with the pressure of perfection when there’s an “undo” key. For me, though, I’ve always preferred the sharpness of the pen/brushstrokes. Or maybe I’ve become one of those stubborn, stuck in the old ways artists.

Regardless, these designs won’t finish themselves. More on this piece as I make more progress.