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New Comic Day: Late to the Party – The Nice House on the Lake

Just in time for the series to have ended on issue 12 over the winter holiday and the release of the second and final trade paperback, I finally decided to dig in to the first volume of The Nice House on the Lake, another character driven supernatural horror/thriller from James Tynion IV (Something is Killing the Children, Department of Truth, w0rldtr33.)

*Mild plot based spoilers* The story revolves around a group of 10 friends/acquaintances who are invited out to a luxurious lake house by their mutual friend Walter. Shortly after arriving in, in short, the world basically ends, while the house, lake, and surrounding area appear unaffected by the chaos witnessed through various social media. Also, Walter doesn’t appear to be what he seemed and then essentially abandons the group.

The structure of each issue is wholly unique. Each issue (of the 4 I’ve read thus far, each volume collects 6 issues) centers on one of the ten characters, with a “post apocalyptic” narration and subsequent flashback from each in the first 4 pages before delving into the events following the outside world apocalypse. Each character has an occupation (The Reporter, The Comedian, The Artist, etc.) and attached “icon.” At first the mass of characters seemed a bit daunting, but there is a nice key to each on the back page, so it’s a bit easier to keep track of them before the story starts rolling along.

So far 10/10 would recommend, will be finishing 👍

New Comic Day Fresh Read: W0rldTr33

On the recommendation from my friends at our local comic shop (Telegraph Art & Comics in Cville, VA Check them out!) I picked up the first issue of the new series from James Tynion IV (Something is Killing the Children, The Nice House on the Lake, and a healthy portion of Batman over the last 10 years…)

w0rldtr33 #1

w0rldtr33 shares a lot of the visceral qualities of Something is Killing the Children, but is a bit more grounded into the ever increasing singularity of modern technology (no physical monsters, but the monsters are… people? The internet? Both?) So far this story feels right at home in the thematic universe shared in Cronenberg films like VideoDrome, eXistenZ, and Crimes of the Future. Not for the faint of heart, or weak of stomach, strap in for this one! *Mature Readers, obviously*